In 1985, the Department of radiology was established and renamed the radiology college in 2003. Medical imaging, medical imaging technology, biomedical engineering, Applied Physics (Medical Physics direction) are four undergraduate courses. Professional medical imaging as a national college characteristic specialized construction, colleges and universities in Shandong Province, Shandong Province specialty of adult higher education professional brand, biomedical engineering is the characteristics of the provincial colleges and universities in Shandong province professional, excellent engineer education and training programs in Applied Physics (Medical Physics) is one of the characteristics of professional. Medical imaging equipment, medical imaging examination technology and medical imaging diagnosis are provincial excellent courses. Medical imaging diagnosis is a provincial bilingual teaching demonstration course. The core course group of medical imaging technology characteristic course and biomedical engineering specialty is the provincial excellent course group. The medical imaging technology laboratory is the provincial experimental teaching demonstration center. The teaching team of medical imaging is a provincial teaching team.
The Institute has two master's degrees in imaging medicine, nuclear medicine and radiation medicine. Since 2012, it has joined with the imaging technology branch of the Chinese Medical Association to train postgraduate students who are studying for master's degree. Imaging medicine and nuclear medicine is the key subject of "95", "fifteen", "11th Five-Year" and "12th Five-Year" in Shandong province. National Radiation technician training base of Ministry of health.
Adhering to the "heart" of Thai medicine spirit, "Ming De, is, must seek the truth" motto, think cultivating high-quality applied composite radiologiocal technology talents as the goal, to strengthen the connotation construction, and constantly improve the quality of education and teaching, the formation of medical education characteristics, combined with the engineering and science.

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