College of Radiology, Party committee of both the teachers and the students union party day activities

In order to study and implement the school to promote the "two a" construction of learning oriented education normalization system, carry out the theme of the party day comprehensive system, students play a good long-term mechanism, grasp the students "locomotive" role, for students to clear target to develop a more comprehensive examination, the examination plan, carry out comprehensive simulation test for the content of Western medicine in June 13th the party day activities, in June 27th a grand rally won the 123 prize awards for students.
This activity is to improve the rate of postgraduate entrance examination of medical imaging specialty. Western medicine is a compulsory course to master the degree of difficulty of all research disciplines in one of the largest families of students in the examination. Mr. Lu Kawa and the present situation of the postgraduate employment made detailed analysis in the students Kaoyan direction at the same time, I hope you will be able to choose their own school master aware of the introduced learning methods, the graduate student, encourage students to actively learn, accurate preparation, less detours. The students enthusiasm to actively participate in, earnestly do the test, two branch teachers carefully marking the successful completion of the strict in demands, party day activities.
The party day activities by the radiation of College Party branch and the Faculty of medical imaging science and engineering Party branch organization, 2013 level medical imaging professional students participated in more than 220.

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