A record of education activities for freshmen in radiology College

In order to make the 2017 freshmen quickly adapt to college life, which had just entered the university campus students answer confused College of Radiology held freshmen adaptability education, occupation career education, management education and new old communication activities such as education, so that students better adapt and integrate rich and colorful, full of opportunities and Challenges College life.
In the freshmen adaptability education activities, deputy party secretary Zhai Chengqiang College of radiology from our school badge and climb the spirit of new, detailed interpretation of the deep meaning of our school motto, to encourage young people to carry forward the new spirit of struggle, in the university life and learning to establish long-term goals, the courage to climb the innovation, then it introduces the general situation of the development and characteristics of Professional College of radiology. Zhaishuji expressed new hope good sustenance, 2017 freshmen can hard work ahead, leaving college experience in a thick and heavy in colours in the pen.
Office of student employment guidance center director Du Wei from the modern college students' employment started to talk about the importance of college student occupation career planning, to answer the students confused about the occupation career, so that students have a basic understanding of College Students' occupation career planning. In order to make the students better understand the career planning, Du director applied the Maslow hierarchy of needs theory and explained the principle to the students with examples.
School dean Weijing graduate students enrollment education director Xue 2017 Freshmen College of Radiology, explains the concept and function of the school to the freshmen, and the management of personal information registration method and procedure. He said that student status is the most important identification of students, and does not allow any mistakes. And the new students must pay attention to keep their own school information, and on-site operations to explain how to query their own personal status information. Mr. Xue answered the questions of the freshmen seriously and hoped that the freshmen would persevere in their study and life and take them seriously.
The new students and new old communication will be invited to the 2014 grade and 2014 grade medical imaging undergraduate biomedical engineering undergraduate three excellent in character and learning in all aspects of communication, from their professional learning, English learning, research and other aspects of the project carried out a detailed explanation, put forward their own views and opinions encountered in learning and work the problem, combined with their experience provides valuable experience for the students who just entered the university.
College of Radiology held a series of freshmen education activities, the 17 freshmen can correct as soon as possible to examine their own advantages, identify the location, explore their potential, to make reasonable scientific and reasonable planning and deployment of their college life, have a clear understanding and adequate preparation for their future development, improve the employment competitiveness, work and life, to learn more actively.

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