The Party committee of the radiation institute organizes all teachers and Party members to study collectively

In the afternoon of September 19th, the Faculty of Radiology held a plenary meeting of all the faculty members to carry out collective theory study and to deploy the main work of the party building in the second half of the year. Meng Qingjian, Secretary of the Party committee, presided over the meeting.
At the meeting, Meng Qingjian led all members of the collective learning the general secretary Xi Jinping in July 26th leading cadres at provincial and ministerial seminar of the important speech, Huang Danian deeds and the "CPC Central Committee on Comrade Huang Danian posthumously awarded the" national outstanding communist party member "title," the decision "on encouraging cadres to play entrepreneurship as a director of the opinions" points, the Communist Party of China the Ministry of education Party "on the strengthening of teachers in Colleges and Universities under the new situation of Party branch construction opinions" spirit of the document.
According to the school "on the" strong organization, efficiency, courage to play, for example "theme education activities implementation plan" and the related work requirements, combined with the actual situation of the college, Meng Qingjian deployed the main work of the second half of the Party committee of college party building. Requires each branch in accordance with the requirements of "on the Party branch construction of College Teachers under the new situation of opinions" and school related documents, to strengthen the self construction of Party branch, Party branch to become members of the school education, unite the masses, the core to tackle tough fortress, play an important role in College Ideological and political construction, scientific research and teaching talent training work; the party members to strengthen the theoretical study, improve the understanding, emancipate the mind, thinking and action with the Central Party committee, the provincial Party committee and Party committee of the school's decision to deploy up to Huang Danian and other advanced models of learning, do have ideals and beliefs, there are moral, have a solid knowledge and caring heart of a good the teacher set an example, to make new contributions to their own posts, as the initiative, the courage to play, for the school's evaluation and college career development.

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