Tamping professional education and helping talents grow up

For the freshmen who have just entered the University, the awareness of the relevant professional information is still lacking. In order to deepen the understanding of new majors, the new professional prospects, understand the employment situation, cleaning in the process of learning mental confusion, 2017 new freshmen college of Radiology, medical imaging and the organization visited the Museum of medical imaging, medical imaging technology, applied physics, biomedical engineering is a special series of professional department of education.
In the morning of September 17th, the medical imaging museum was welcomed by the 2017 freshmen of Radiology college. The museum guide to the students who were showing medical imaging equipment and representative parts, medical imaging, medical imaging development history of the field of international and domestic famous experts, literature and life stories of famous domestic and foreign medical equipment manufacturing enterprises of the latest technology etc..
The freshmen said that the visit made them not only understand the latest technology of medical imaging equipment, but also learn the history of medical imaging. This makes them have a deeper understanding of their own professional, and laid a solid foundation for the upcoming university learning.
Professional lecture series, Wang Xiaoyan Dean Professor Liu Linxiang and vice president Professor of College of radiology were systematically introduced the relevant circumstances of each department, and encourage freshman make efforts, the courage to excel. And show the students Taishan Medical University and the general situation of the Institute of radiology as well as professional knowledge framework of each specialty. Dean Liu according to their professional characteristics, from the development of advanced medical equipment and professional trends, domestic current development situation, professional courses, professional learning, professional occupation planning five aspects were explained in detail, let students have a more profound understanding and knowledge of the specialty, open a beautiful chapter in university career for the freshman, opened a good start for the future life and learning.
The development of the professional ideological education, not only let freshmen have a more in-depth understanding of the University, but also guide them to cultivate a positive, self-motivated, independent thinking attitude towards life. At the same time, but also conducive to the culture of the new identity of college life and sense of belonging, to guide the new scientific grasp the basic rules of the University, but also laid the foundation of students' cognition of professional, is conducive to the students consciously planned university learning time, realize their standard development goals. I believe the radiation Institute 2017 level of the majority of new students will benefit from professional education, in the days after the academic life diligent self-discipline, success.

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